“I am writing in reference to iNTERSUPPLY Bulgaria and their professionalism in business. On the part of HTI BULGARIA EOOD, I must say it has been an incredible advantage to have iNTERSUPPLY as our partners in both negotiation and execution. When it comes do deliveries and supply, there is no one better we have worked with in terms of punctuality, flexibility, responsiveness, code of ethics and understanding of brand representation.
Based on their involvement with us so far, I would strongly recommend engaging with iNTERSUPPLY Bulgaria, especially if your priorities lie in meeting deadlines or if you are highly concerned with how your company is represented on foreign ground. iNTERSUPPLY acts in high levels of transparency and had never mislead us into bad deal or endeavor.

Conclusively, I would say working with iNTERSUPPLY is a secure way to extend your business. It has been a pleasure having them on our side of the table and I would gladly recommend them to any manufacturer in the industry.”

Krasimir Stoyanov